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Amla Oil


Made from amla, this oil is a potent hair growth promoter, checks dandruff and prevents hair fall. Kireeta’s amla oil is an elixir for dry skin and hair.

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Kireeta Amla hair oil has been prepared from good quality amla to nourish weak roots and
dry, dull, brittle hair.  Usage of essential oils deliver the nutrients directly to roots and protects the weak strands with its conditioningeffect. It also soothes irritated scalp and treats dandruff. It prevents pre-mature greying ofhair.
o Amla oil is packed with the goodness of Vitamin C, B, iron and other minerals
o Increase hair growth by providing essential nutrients to your scalp
o Prevents hair fall by nourishing your scalp and strengthening roots
o Do not apply essential oils directly to your skin, they must be used with base oils.
o Add few drops of the essential oil with carrier oil or base oils and blend well before using.
o Prior to using the oil for the first time conduct a patch test inside your wrist.
o Avoid use with sensitive or damaged skin.
o Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.
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