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Our Philosophy – Archaic Solutions

Our motto is simple! We want consumers to benefit the most from our products, our mantra is ‘Permanency’. Natural products have survived the test of time unfailingly.  Time and again it has been proved that a simple change in diet could alleviate most human diseases. Hair fall is one of these. What our mane crave is good nourishment, which most of us fail to realize. But, do not worry! Our best hair care products are forever at your service…………

Our Products

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Healthy Hair Kits

We offer hair kits for your specific hair type and problem

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Luxury Soapnuts

It’s time to clean your hair the right way, with soapnuts.

Hair Oil

Presenting luxurious range of 100% pure and natural  hair oils.

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Nutri-Sum Bites

Introducing tasty Sweet, Tangy, Nutri – Sum Bites.

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The Fall Of Hair-Fall

It’s so distressing to wake up in the morning and see hair strands lying on a pillow or a bunch of hair on combs while combing. These all could be the sign of hair fall which 

Enough With Dandruff

We all love snowflakes, corn-flakes but the only flakes that scare us are the presence of white flakes on our shoulders and hair scalp. Dandruff is a condition in which skin 

Prey To Grey

What are your favorite hair shades? Probably honey brown, burgundy, blonde…, the list goes on. But the only shade one won’t like is grey hair. According to the research