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Lavender Oil


Kireeta Lavender essential oil is prepared from credible natural extracts of the flower spikes of lavender. This is a very pure product without any added chemicals. This oil has a gentle effect and hence can be directly applied on the parts required without anticipation of any side effects

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• Prevents hair loss
• Stimulates hair growth (studies show that it is 3% more effective than minoxidol)
• Prevents head lice
• Has anti microbal properties
• Curbs inflammation
o Do not apply essential oils directly to your skin, they must be used with base oils.
o Add few drops of the essential oil with carrier oil or base oils and blend well before using.
o Prior to using the oil for the first time conduct a patch test inside your wrist.
o Avoid use with sensitive or damaged skin.
o Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.
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