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What does your hair need?

We all want good, healthy hair but are simultaneously unaware of the needs of our hair. Our body needs nutrients to stay healthy and keep growing, so does our hair.

Nutrients our hair needs –

  1.   Protein –

Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Lack of protein in our hair leads to weakening of them and thus breakage. So, it is recommended to fulfill the demand for the protein that our hair needs.

  1.   Iron –

The iron in our red blood cells provides oxygen to our hair. So, one should increase the intake of iron-rich foods such as eggs, soybeans, etc., as our hair needs them for healthy growth.

  1.   Water –

Our hair needs water to avoid breakage and dryness by providing it with moisture. While a conditioner can also work, one should prefer to replenish the moisture requirements of the hair naturally by drinking a lot of water.

  1.   B vitamins –

Vitamin B helps to create red blood cells, which further carry oxygen and nutrients to our hair and all the cells in our body. Lack of vitamin B in our hair leads to shedding of hair.

  1.   Vitamin C is an antioxidant.–

Vitamin C helps to absorb iron and thus promotes hair growth. It is one of the nutrients that our hair needs to be healthy.

  1.   Zinc –

This mineral helps to strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss. It protects the hair locks from getting dry and dandruff too.

  1.   Biotin –

Our hair needs the proper amount of biotin, i.e., it should neither be too much nor too little to keep it healthy. It promotes hair growth and is necessary for our hair.

Some tips that our hair needs:

  1. They need to be rinsed off regularly.
  2. Proper conditioning.
  3. Choose a shampoo according to your hair type.
  4. Oil your hair often.

Hair remains smooth and healthy if taken care of and provided with what it needs. One should maintain the balance between moisture and our hair’s protein needs. All the tips mentioned above and nutrients make hair healthy and strong.

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