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Seedless Soap Nuts

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Soapnuts are the nicest cleansers. They are on par with soaps, shampoos and hence the name. Kireeta selects the best soap nuts from framers across India. Kireeta’s soapnuts are deseeded manually to improve the customer’s experience. You deserve the best.

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As we all know that soapnuts are a hassle to use. Kireeta team takes special care in making the use of soapnuts a hassle free and enjoyable one. Our soapnuts are sourced from local forests from the best trees that grow naturally without any pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They are then deseeded carefully by hand when the quality of each soapnut is checked thoroughly. Only the best soapnuts are packed in bidegradable boxes and shipped to you. Kireetasoapnuts are very simple to use, they only take 10 minutes of soaking in hot water to foam up.

• Take a handful of soapnuts. Soak them in hot water for 10 mins, squeez out the water from the soapnuts and Use the lather as a shampoo. Adding excess of water may lead to less lathering. If not using hot water, soak the soapnuts overnight.
• Do not use any other products while using kireeta products to observe best results.
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2 reviews for Seedless Soap Nuts

  1. Deepika Annam

    Say goodbye to chemical loaded shampoo with Kireeta’s seedless soapnuts! They’re perfect for anyone who is looking for natural shampoo and a chemical-free life.
    Honestly, I have never seen a company do business in such a customer focused manner.

  2. pranithaguthula96

    Much easier to use

“I never knew that I could buy soapnuts that had the seeds removed until I came across Kireeta’s posts on Instagram. They are much easier to use than the ones I get from my local market.” Much thanks to kireeta.

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