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What are your favourite hair shades? Probably honey brown, burgundy, blonde and the list goes on. But the only shade one won’t like is grey hair. According to the research by National Centre for Biotechnology Information, people between the age of 45 and 65 years, 74% of people were affected by grey hair with a mean intensity of 27%. Men harboured significantly more grey hair than women. Asian and African descent showed less grey hair than those of Caucasian origin. Greying of hair could be the result of normal ageing process but, some cases has also been observed under pre-mature greying of hair.

Now the question arises that how our coloured hair turns white? Is it because we wash hair every day or there’s a secret science? Well, there’s nothing like that, hair has melanin which is produced due to secretion of melatonin; when the production of melanin is affected our hair turns white/grey. Reasons for greying of hair could be ageing, excessive stress, not having balanced diet as deficiency of Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Protein, Iron could affect the production of Melanin. Since greying of hair is irreversible process people have started using chemical-based hair colours which solves the problem temporarily but, affects in a long run.

Greying of hair is irreversible but we can prevent pre-mature greying through nourishing our hair with hibiscus oil and amla oil whereas, using few drops of Jasmine or Lavender essential oil along with coconut oil will have calming effect on our mind & reduces our stress level. We can also switch to Henna & Natural Hair Dye instead of chemical-based hair colours as it will not only hide our grey hair efficiently but, also nourishes our hair. Everybody is aware of the fact that Amla is such a boon for our hair care regime, try including this superfood in your diet as it is an all-in-one highly nutritious food.