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Some facts say only hair below our scalp is alive, and the rest of our hair above our scalp is dead. We have hair all over body. But how do we conclude, and on what basis do we answer the question, is hair dead or alive. 

In this article, we will discover is hair dead or alive.

Where does human hair come from?

Hair follicles begin in the epidermis and have several components. Hair is a keratinous filament that emerges from the epidermis. It is mainly composed of dead, keratinized cells. Hair follicles are epidermal penetrations of the dermis that produce strands of hair. Now that we know how the hair originates, we are ready to answer the question; is hair dead or alive.

Hair: Dead or Alive?

The answer to the question; is hair dead or alive is yes and no. Based on psychological theories or physiologically speaking, hair outside your scalp is dead. Why? It is because hair lacks blood, nerves, and muscles. Furthermore, there is no pain when sliced, nor does it bleed or strain a muscle when stretched. It is, nonetheless, awe-inspiring for a dead fiber.

Healthy hair is a dead fiber that shows impressive capabilities. A healthy hair strand may extend up to 30% of its length, absorbing up to 20% of its weight in water, and expand up to 20% of its diameter. Many customers become tired of their hairstyle and change its appearance regularly. This involves changing its color, shape, curl pattern, twisting and setting it, braiding and weaving it, spraying it in various fashions, teasing, and pulling it to incredible heights and degrees. Every follicle is also linked to nerves and muscles, which provide the hair with its tactile capabilities and feel wind and contact. Keratinization is a process in which cells at the bottom of the hair follicle (root) constantly divide to form new cells, which means the hair can grow. Our hair has a tolerance level. With extreme abuse to your hair, there comes a breaking point and Alopecia, as well as discomfort, inflammation, and scarring to your scalp. It is therefore critical to use mild hair products. At the same time, washing and styling since anything that blocks the follicles might result in a deposit of dead skin cells, preventing the scalp from breathing and having a balanced sebum production.

The bottom line is, once hair emerges from the hair follicle, it can psychologically no longer be a part of the living organ. But it can be impacted by the external and internal environment. This is why you need to build healthy hair habits, avoid chemical hair products, use mild hair products and avoid hair dyes.

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