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How does your diet affect your hair loss?

Our hair is susceptible to the changes we face internally. So we need to take good care of them as various factors result in hair loss. Hair loss is common but can be taken care of. The diet we intake also affects the rate of hair loss as hair growth depends on certain nutrients in our bodies.

A poor diet that leads to hair loss –

Foods with a high level of mercury – High level of mercury promotes hair loss. So, one should lower the amount of the intake of mercury.


  • High consumption of processed sugar –

A high sugar intake leads to more insulin production by our body which eventually leads to hair loss. Processed sugar adversely affects our body, and promoting hair loss is one.

  • Having a low protein diet – 

Our whole body, including our hair, needs proper consumption of protein. The deficiency of the proper amount of protein in our diet eventually leads to hair loss.

  • Excessive intake of Vitamin A –

Though vitamin A is necessary and good for the eyes, excessive intake of vitamin A leads to thinning of hair.


Add – on to the diet –

  • Iron –

The deficiency of iron can cause hair loss. So, one should include the necessary amount of iron in one’s diet to avoid damage to one’s hair.

  • Vitamin D –

Vitamin D is the easiest nutrient to be consumed, too necessary for our hair. So, one should take an excellent sunbath to avoid hair loss.

  • Zinc –

Zinc plays a vital role in our immune system and promotes hair growth. So, one should consume food that is rich in zinc.

Weight loss and hair –

A study says that a significant amount of weight loss in a person eventually leads to hair loss. Excessive stress can lead to weight loss and thus damage our hair too.

Other factors for hair loss – 

A poor diet includes a lack of necessary nutrients and some the activities like drinking and smoking. To prevent hair loss, one should quit smoking and limit the intake of alcohol as these activities affect our hair adversely.

Many factors affect our hair growth, such as nutrients deficiency, drinking, smoking, stress. So, to take good care of hair, one needs to consume a proper diet with adequate nutrients fulfilling the necessary nutrients’ requirement in our body for proper growth of the hair.

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