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How does plastic comb static electricity damage your hair?

You can reduce a lot of hair problems just by changing your comb. While people are pretty picky about their hair products, they frequently overlook the fundamentals. Most individuals use plastic combs because they are inexpensive. However, plastic combs are one of the leading factors of hair damage.

They cause static & hair frizz, snagging, split ends, dry and brittle hair.

Understanding how plastic objects interact with hair.

When ladies comb their hair, they frequently observe how their hair adheres to the comb and rises like a pillar. This is a bothersome occurrence that can address. The hair and the plastic comb acquire negative charges during the combing process, which usually merge. Consequently, static electricity charges the hair, which is harmful to its look and impairs maintenance.

The Solution

The easiest method to avoid this is to use a wood comb. Wooden combs offer several advantages and are quite beneficial to your hair’s health.

Wooden combs, like human hair, are made of carbon. Because both human hair and the comb contain a static charge, using a wood comb results in less breakage and frizz. The bristles of the wood comb are soft to the touch on your hair and scalp. Unlike a plastic comb, a hardwood comb can enrich your hair as opposed to a plastic comb. When you’re using a wooden comb rather than a plastic one, the oils in your scalp are dispersed evenly throughout your hair. As a result, it makes your hair seem youthful, vibrant, and shining. A wooden comb stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, supplying optimal nutrition to the hair follicles. It also controls sebum production and eliminates contaminants. The curved teeth of a wooden comb are gentle and do not irritate the scalp. They help avoid the poor dispersion of oil, holding dandruff at bay. Wooden combs are sturdy, long-lasting, and recyclable. Wooden combs are not only excellent for your hair, but they are also economical and environmentally friendly.

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